Saturday night on Main St, Venice. Chez Tex. You’d expect a new, cool design restaurant like this to be full and buzzing, but it’s only half full of millennials and gen-Xers. The reason? It’s hard to tell. The food is sensational. The service extremely polite and friendly. Not rushed, but prompt.  

The design is cool, but not too hip. It’s architectural. Concrete and wood. Hard surfaces. Neither comfortable nor cosy, but not austere either, thanks to an exposed brick wall and textured metal beams that warm up the space.


I think it might be the way the menu is written. The food is amazing, but the descriptions on the menu don’t really sound appetising. They’re more perfunctory descriptive. There’s minimal expression, which might work in an established fine dining place, but just doesn’t sound tempting for a new place.


I hope they have a big cash float to see them through the next six months. If not, it ain’t gonna last.


I also love their crockery. The earthenware plates are beautiful, softly toned, thick and inviting, but most importantly they create the impression that everything on them is healthy. It’s a powerful visual association.

One worth remembering…


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