Ready to roll off the production line, GATO & Co’s luxuriously tasty, creative and indulgent yet altogether ‘free-from’ puddings needed a truly remarkable brand identity and packaging design before they could launch.   

GATO & Co’s founder, Charlotte Dauzat, approached Mystery having seen and loved our work with Rebel Kitchen, G’Nosh and Livia’s Kitchen.

Charlotte Dauzat

“I needed something that would not only be ready for the shelf, but that would truly stand out, like ‘a purple cow in a field of standard cows’!” said Charlotte.

Mystery had the challenge of a two-week turnaround, but of course we rose to the occasion!

Gat & Co. Pudding

The colourful new brand identity, featuring the GATO halo, reflect the brand’s healthy qualities, while conveying a little bit of rebellious edginess.


The packaging is colourful, bold, contemporary and informative – balancing out the brand’s inspiring and upbeat icons with a dollop of humorous language and grown up references.

The rich and strong colour palette reflects the brightly coloured, unusual ingredients and taste, while conveying the intensity of dessert indulgence.

Gat & Co. Packaging Sleeves

The proof is in the pudding and we think the results of this brilliantly creative collaboration between creator and agency are a truly tantalising triumph!

GATO & Co has already been picked up by some exciting top notch retailers and should be on the shelves soon.