Fourth generation potato farmers, Mike and Colette were looking to diversify the family’s farming business and had an idea to create their own lavishly flavoured, healthier snacks that would combine convenience with superior quality and taste.

savoursmiths beef crisps

When the innovative duo approached Mystery to help them design the product and bring their idea to life, including naming, identity design, packaging design and copy for their new crisp venture, we were only too happy to help!

Through our unique positioning process, we defined the new brand as a “Romantic Radical” – audaciously luxurious with a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, while being the epitome of excellence and desirability.

savoursmiths champers crisps

Focusing on the brand personality, superior product taste and quality and Mike and Colette’s heritage and the family name, Smith, the ‘Savoursmiths’ were born – purveyors of luxuriously decadent potato crisps that provide a satisfying crunch and sophisticated flavours in true, old school, British style.

savoursmiths beef crisps

The Savoursmiths’ brand identity hints at the hand-cooked methods and artisanal qualities of this traditional, yet innovative business.

Savoursmith Responsive Website Holding Page

Creating a cast of crafty characters to feature on the fronts of the wildly colourful, metallic packets, the packaging reflects the brand’s upmarket values and spontaneous eccentricity, while our tailor-made copy conveys the brand’s expertise and wit!

Savoursmiths Business cards

With a trade launch already planned, we created business cards and the exhibition stand design for the brand’s unveiling at Olympia’s Speciality Foods Fair and Lunch!


The brand has already been snapped up by prestigious fine foods retailer, Fortnum & Mason with plenty more retailers chomping at the bit.

Savoursmith Flirty

Be inspired! Read about the project in full, here.

Mystery’s Dan Einzig will be presenting “How to Create a Compelling F&B Brand” at the Restaurant Design Show. September 28 2016, 11AM. Seminar Theatre 8.