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Mystery’s stimulating new coffee collaborative!

Mystery's stimulating new coffee collaborative!

Never ones to sit back and relax, at Mystery we need constant stimulation! We hope our new co-venture, The Coffee Collaborative, will provide just that! 

Coffee Collaborative Coffee cup

With Mystery as the branding and F&B concept specialists, The Coffee Collaborative team is made up of Christian Radau, an expert coffee blender and roaster; super-talented chef, Luke Thomas; coffee gurus Andy Grelak and Jim Cain; and Paul Kemp, coffee and foodservice industry commercial and operations expert.  All share expertise in the food and beverage industry, an entrepreneurial gift for creating successful businesses and, of course, a love of great coffee!

Coffee Collaborative Festival Stall

The Coffee Collaborative launched at the VIP area V festival, where VIPs including Pixie Lott, Dougie Poynter, Just Kiddin’s Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revell and YouTuber Marcus Butler enjoyed a cup and talented coffee artist Maria A Aristidou was in residence, painting portraits of V Festival performers.

Pixie Lott

Dougie McFly

Coffee Collaborative Artist

The Coffee Collaborative’s mission is to establish a ‘ 4th wave’ coffee company, sourcing artisanal quality coffee, hand-curated and roasted, to provide a range of balanced blends accessible to everyone.

Iced coffee Tray

Our first blend, AMALGAMATE, is a clever combination of balanced, gingerbread flavours from Colombian Arabica Beans, blended with the clean spiciness of the Indian Robusta and delivers a truly delicious cup of creativity.

Coffee Collaborative T-shirt

Coffee Collaborative

This is a really exciting opportunity for us. As entrepreneurs as well as design and branding specialists, we love getting behind new and exciting brands; being part of the team and being able to really affect the success of the business.

Coffee Collaborative Pack

Be inspired and read about the project here.