I was briefly back in London last week and with warmer weather and the general healthy feeling you get when the sun is out (that’s why I love living in LA!), I figured it was a great opportunity to visit our latest healthy food project in London’s West End…

Rawligion Interior Blog Image

Rawligion is tucked off Tottenham Court Road, in a great location, sandwiched between a Starbucks and a Pod.

Rawligion Counter

Rawligion represents everything the name suggests: The passion and depth of thought that goes into every ingredient of its food and drink offers is healthily spiritual! From the amazing cold drip coffee apparatus that sits in the window to a beautiful vivid green living moss wall surrounds the menu board behind the counter, everything looks colourful, natural and deliciously raw.

Rawligion Glow Juice

Rawligion Pots

I’m so proud of Mystery’s London team for creating a truly unique and equally thoughtful brand and interior design.

Rawligion Counter Blog Image

The rear seating area is covered by a green canapé of plants – the perfect place for people who care about every ingredient they consume. The food is delicious and nutritious. The drinks are unusual and interesting with a helpful and knowledgable server who suggests sampling any of them.

Rawligion Window Vinyl Blog Image

The depth of nutritional knowledge is genuine and the care in every detail from recipes and equipment to interior finishes and bio packaging is remarkable.

Rawligion, 3 Tottenham StreetW1T 2AF

Dan Einzig will be presenting “How to Create a Compelling F&B Brand” at the Restaurant Design Show. September 28 2016, 11AM. Seminar Theatre 8.