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Mystery Employee of the Month: Shân Rees

Mystery Employee of the Month: Shân Rees

Shân Rees is Mystery's Account Manager overseeing a plethora of our great clients and also the Management Board member in charge of resources.  So noone does anything without her say-so!

How did you get into design/branding? I previously worked in oil… so it was an escape into something more fun for me. I ended up realising that food and beverage is the industry I should have been in all along and I love working with the designers to create these fantastic concepts.

What was your first branding/design project?  My first branding and design project at Mystery was Jamboree (Accor), which was great as we were involved in everything from graphic and interior design, right through to the food and beverage development. We got to be extremely involved in the creation of that brand and the result is a huge success.

What is the best thing about what you do? My favourite part is presenting full visual concepts to clients for the first time. A lot of our clients are start-ups and entrepreneurs and they are very emotionally invested in their projects, so seeing it come to life for the first time is very exciting to be a part of.

Ultimate design job / branding project? I would like to be involved in creating or redeveloping a large-scale food hall / market. Like a Harrods or Selfridges. Something iconic and huge, where we can innovate and revolutionise.

Favourite city? London. Cape Town as a very, very close 2nd.

Favourite hotel, restaurant or bar? Most difficult question of all time. If forced, I would have to put Pizzeria Bel Sit, South Woodford in the top spot. Some of the most incredible Italian food I’ve ever eaten, including in Italy. A couple of other favourites are Smokehouse by Neil Rankin, Sticks’n’Sushi and Gokyuzu in Haringey.

Most impressive brand? Not quite a restaurant, but The Ginger Pig has a great brand. Renowned for and committed to it’s expertise in all things meat. Somehow it retains its accessibility, while being the trendiest butcher in town.

Favourite cuisine? Japanese. Ramen, sushi, wagyu… it has it all.

Favourite cake? Banoffee.

Dog or cat? Dog. Cats are snobs.

Starter or dessert? Starter.

Fizzy or still? Fizzy water, still everything else. Sugar is the devil.

With or without cheese? (Burger) Cheese. Always. On everything. Until I die.

Starsign? Gemini

Celebrity crush/pass? …. God knows. Tom Hardy?

Factoid no one knows about you… The accent over my name is called a circumflex. But for most of my life I have called it a ‘plink plonk’, because that’s how my mom taught me to remember to write it. Oh and I also say ‘mom’, not ‘mum’.