Last night, at the 18th FAB Awards, our super-talented team scooped a FAB International Creative Excellence Award in the Interiors & Retail Environment category for Filthy Cow.

Huge congratulations are in order to the entire team who worked, and continues to work on Filthy Cow, both in interiors and graphics and also to our fab client, Jordan Gallimore.

Filthy Cow, which launched last year, was recently also a finalist in the Casual Dining Awards 2016 and continues to be a genuinely exciting and fun client to work with.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve produced – a veritable bovine burger bordello full of unapologetic cheeky innuendo and naughtiness!

Filthy Cow’s interior design scheme marries farmyard-industrial with Soho-neon and oozes sensuality and an unapologetic passion for pure British beef. The combination of ‘red-light’ brothel style neon signage alongside caged cattle stalls, shed-style waiter stations and tin lamp shades creates a completely unique and entertaining environment.

The rustic, weathered farmyard-style corrugated steel and raw brickwork; bespoke furniture, such as trough-like tables and hand-made chairs from salvaged water pipes and timber is seasoned with with raunchy messages throughout the three-storey space, to give Filthy Cow a raw sensuality and infectious humour, with lots of talking points.

We’re proud to say that Filthy Cow has quickly become favourite destination for local residents, tourists and young professionals looking for a good value, quick, quality burger combined, great cocktails and a uniquely fun vibe.