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Employee of the Month: Sarah Mannerings

Employee of the Month: Sarah Mannerings

An interior design addict since her early childhood, Sarah Mannerings is Mystery's Head of Interior Design.

How did you get into design? From the moment I could walk I would decorate my own doll’s houses and dream about design. I was more interested in the furnishings than the dolls themselves! I knew from this young that I wanted to do interior design and pursued work experience at a design office while I was still at school.

What was your first design project? The young entrepreneur in me designed and sold my own handmade cards while I was at school, so these were my first design projects really.

What is the best thing about what you do? Surprising people when you give them a new, inspiring lease of life to a brand or project they thought was a lost cause or an improbability .

Ultimate design job? Luxury Ski Chalet

Favourite city? That I have been to - Paris

Favourite hotel, restaurant or bar? Ace Hotel

Most impressive brand? GoPro, for how they respond to their customers' needs

Favourite cuisine? South American Barbecue

Favourite cake? Cheesecake, does that count?!

Dog or cat? Dog

Starter or dessert? Dessert

Fizzy or still? Still

With or without cheese? (Burger) With

Starsign? Pisces

Celebrity crush/pass? Chris Hemsworth

Factoid no one knows about you? If I told, it wouldn’t be a secret any more