At Mystery we spend a lot of time looking at new trends in the F&B business, some might say all our time in various different capacities. It’s our business to keep up with consumer demands and choices and it involves a lot of discovering new ingredients and tastes…a lot of eating and drinking basically!

Often food trends start in USA and we’re seeing a lot of LA trends making their way to the UK this summer. Some of them are already ahead of the game, but you’ll see a lot more following on this year. If we had a food fashion week, it would look something like this:

Açai Bowls

We all love a Brazilian and Google searches for Acai bowls doubled in the last year. This will be a popular breakfast offering this year that consumers are actively seeking out…

This Brazilian super fruit is blended with non-dairy milk or yoghurt and topped with granola, fresh fruit, bee pollen or other tasty options. This trend is well-established in LA with eateries such as Açai Jungle Bowls Cafe, Açai Nation and Backyard Bowls. In the UK, The Mae Deli and The Good Life Eatery’s açai bowls are highly rated and Viva Açai in London positions itself at London’s first ‘Açai Bar’. This trend is set to continue with the more macro trend towards superfoods.

Matcha tea

This continues a consumer shift for focusing on savoury as much as sweet. Matcha is an extremely beneficial, strong ground Japanese green tea, and traditional Matcha tea making involves sieving the green powder, creating a paste and whisking it up into a veritable tea frenzy!  Latte-like creations involve steamed milk and even more whisking! In LA, Matcha Box sells itself as the first Matcha-teria, while in the UK, The Good Life Eatery, Curators Coffee Gallery, Notes and Timberyard are all highly rated for their Matcha Latte offer!

Vegetables – but not as you know them!

This trend will present itself in several ways this year. One of these is the continued trend of seeing vegetables replacing carbs, so replacing wheats and rice with veggie versions, such as spiralized courgette noodles, cauliflower rice, and sweet potato pizza bases. Mystery’s client Ella Woodward (of Deliciously Ella) helped drive a massive spirulising trend in 2015 and utilises her veg-focused approach The Mae Deli.

Another vegetable treatment is a ‘root to stem’ approach, similar to the ‘nose to tail’ meat dining focus, this sees a transformation in how all elements of vegetables are used, from juicing to pesto.  Everything has its use and place on the table and we’ll see a lot more restaurants making a conscious effort to use every little bit of every ingredient as part of the trend towards zero waste.


While Coconut has been gathering pace for the last couple of years with the introduction of Coco water brands such as the original US/Brazilian collaboration, Vita Coco, the delectable Coconut with its “totally tropical taste” is going from strength to strength as an integral part of the “Free From” movement, with the trend for coconut water expanding to coconut oil, coconut milk (as a dairy alternative), coconut-based yogurts and Fro-Yos, coconut-based ice cream and just the simple, raw fruit itself.

Our UK client Yorica has just launched the first free-from fro-yo, ice cream and smoothie bar in London’s Soho with dairy and other allergen-free products based on coconut and rice milk.


Our founder and international man of Mystery, Dan Einzig flagged this trend back in October, but it deserves a re-mention here! This dish originated in Hawaii and is making big inroads in the US. The sashimi filled bowls are hugely popular with sushi lovers. The bowls contain chopped or cubed raw fish, which is traditionally ahi Tuna or yellow fin, over seaweed rice and tossed in a marinade of soy sauce, macadamia nuts, green onion, sesame oil, ginger, avocado, mango and even chilies. The dish can be offered in a ‘build your own bowl’ style, which allows for easily personalised menus where consumers choose the ingredients. Effective personalisation is a hugely popular shift that will only continue to grow in London. Currently one of Kerb’s popular street food traders is Pokē by name and offer.

Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken is one of those food products that, although it has had its issues, will never go out of fashion… a bit like Madonna, it just keeps reinventing itself!

From Nando’s and Chicken Shop, to Le Coq and Tramshed, chicken is inherent in our dining scene.

We continue our chicken obsession this year with a focus on spicy heat flavours…Ethnic fried chicken sandwiches were sought out by consumers in 2015, and spicy heat flavours will be a popular choice that looks set to establish itself further this year.

The hot new chicken trend will be rotisserie style chicken in an eat-in environment – essentially “premiumising” the chicken category in the same way that the ‘better burger’ boom has done for the humble burger over the last five years.

So if you have an Açai bowl for breakfast, Matcha for your morning tea, pokê for lunch, rotisserie chicken with spirulised veggies dinner and a free-from, coconut froyo for dessert, you’re pretty much hot right now!

Photo Credit: The Mae Deli.