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Employee of the Month: Liz Schneider

Employee of the Month: Liz Schneider

This month's Mystery employee is our super-talented account exec and front-runner in the Great Mystery Bake Off, Liz Schneider.

How did you get into design/branding? I was Communications Director for a student charity at university (EcoHouse) and developed a love and passion for brands.

What was your first branding/design project? At Mystery, it was Stafford House School of English, an awesome account to work on because of their capacity to embrace the refreshed brand with a ‘let’s go for it’ attitude.

What is the best thing about what you do? The exposure to the F&B industry, and having the excuse to eat ALL the time ;)

Ultimate design job / branding project? A social impact concept.

Favourite city? Cape Town <3

Favourite hotel, restaurant or bar? Restaurant Story

Most impressive brand? Pret-A-Manger – always a step ahead

Favourite cuisine? Fusion, or anything that encourages a sharing culture

Favourite cake? Carrot

Dog or cat? 100% DOG

Starter or dessert? Ooh, tricky… I’m afraid it depends too much on the menu to be able to say.

Fizzy or still? Still

With or without cheese? (Burger) WITH, why wouldn’t you?!

Starsign? Virgo

Celebrity crush/pass? Bryan Greenberg (from One Tree Hill)

Factoid no one knows about you? I played a starring role in the Year 6 Alice in Wonderland school musical – I was "A Bug"