Inspired by his time living in the Paris Quartier Pigalle, Chef Sam Marvin of LA’s Bottega Louie fame approached Mystery’s Founder Dan Einzig (now based in Los Angeles) to help fulfil his long-held dream to create a fondue restaurant concept inspired by the Parisian red light district of the same name.

F Pigalle has just opened its doors to rave reviews and been packed to its silk parasol bedecked ceilings until well into the small hours.

The restaurant is hidden behind a neon sex shop façade, designed to give a thrill of the unknown and a frisson of anticipation to those who enter…Inside the reception space is akin to a vintage bordello; the reception desk fashioned from an antique display case full of ‘exotic’ toys and staff who exude a mixture of burlesque sensuality mixed with punk attitude.

Aimed at a mix of locals, hipsters and tourists, the interior design for this restaurant mixes French boudoir with punky urban street art to create a unique environment appropriate for the ‘F you’ attitude that plays loud music, seats guests shoulder to shoulder on small tables and serves wine from glass baby bottles, a long held tradition in certain French quarters since Napoleon times, when a tax was imposed on wine glasses.

It’s sexy, social casual dining at its best.

Dan Einzig acted as Creative Director, overseeing collaborations with local street artists, decorators, designers and signage fabricators.