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Employee of the Month: Janfranco Caro

Employee of the Month: Janfranco Caro

This month's Mystery Employee is our creative guru and, aside from Dan Einzig, the longest serving Mystery employee, Creative Director, Janfranco Caro, aka JC.

How did you get into design/branding? I Always loved football, drawing and art as a kid, but knew I was never going to be the next Maradona.  I dropped art when I doing my A-levels in place of more academic subjects, much to the astonishment of my art teachers. After three months I knew I had made a big mistake, so applied for a place at Colchester Institute on the graphics course and the rest is history.  Thank you Mr Burrell (art & form Tutor, Clacton County High School).

What was your first branding/design project?  Roll out collateral for the Phil Collins Dance Into The Light album launch, supporting Dan (Einzig) at our first company, “Wherefore Art?”

My first identity project was for an art gallery in west London called KDK that sold limited edition prints and music art. Kate Delia Kilroy (KDK) was the sister of Stuart Sutcliffe – the original bassist from 'The Beatles’.

What is the best thing about what you do? Help bring people's business visions and dreams to life.

Ultimate design job / branding project?  CD box set Album for Elvis Presley or a Sicilian restaurant concept.

Favourite city? Rome or Paris.

Favourite hotel, restaurant or bar?  Anywhere that has great service, food and experience.

Most impressive brand?  I want to say Apple or Virgin, but anything that people genuinely connect with and love.

Favourite cuisine?  Too many to choose from.

Favourite cake?  Tiramisu

Dog or cat?  Neither, but if forced to choose then Dog for sure.

Starter or dessert?  Both please!!

Fizzy or still?  Fizzy

With or without cheese? (Burger)  With, of course!

Star sign? Virgo

Celebrity crush/pass?  Not a huge fan of celebrity, success is far more impressive.

Factoid no one knows about you… I am pretty open book, so what you see tends to be what you get. I cherish honesty and integrity.