To celebrate another exciting season of The Apprentice, design and branding agency, Mystery held its own Apprentice Challenge, with teams of its entrepreneurial employees given the task of procuring ten specific items with a £50 budget, within a 3-hour timeframe, using only TFL and without the aid of a mobile phone for anything other than to locate their destination.

In the fiercely-fought contest, designed to stretch their competitive edge, creativity, resourcefulness, F&B industry knowledge, leadership and negotiation skills to the max, each team had to arrive at the Drake & Morgan pub in King’s Cross with their loot by 4.30…or be fired.

The team with all the required items and most money left at the end of the day won and saved their job at Mystery.

Proof of purchase had to be provided for the following strange and wonderful F&B-inspired items, destined for Mystery’s studio in Kentish Town: A mooli; a chef’s white skull cap; a vintage ice bucket (for the new Mystery bar); a printed team photo with a London monument; a wall clock fit for Mystery’s boardroom (between 30cm – 50cm diameter); a second-hand guitar; baharat; a newspaper from the day before; a duffin and finally a Restaurant/Eating & Drinking Guide for London 2015.

Steve Sharp, Finance Manager of Mystery said: “After three hours of having their mettle stretched to the max, the teams all made it back with items aplenty, having demonstrated superb ingenuity, inventiveness and negotiation skills. We wouldn’t have expected anything less!”

However, despite the first-rate efforts of all involved, there could be only one winner and Team Paget, consisting of Paget Scott-McCarthy, Liz Schneider, Ashlee Major-Moss and Ben Wilkins romped home with all items required and £32.41 left in their kitty.

They’re off to take part in their very own catered Cocktail Masterclass at Revolution Bars.

Well done Team Paget!

P.S. If you actually don’t know what a duffin or baharat is…a duffin is a sticky hybrid of muffin and a doughnut – baked, dipped in melted butter and then coated in sugar (and sometimes with jam inside); and baharat (the Arabic word for spices) is a spice mixture or blend used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

P.P.S. No employees were actually fired after the challenge.