There’s something going on in our office. Ice Cream for breakfast. In Winter. But rather than feeling guilty for such a decadent snack, we’re all pretty pleased with ourselves…

Ice cream fanatic, professional chef and food blogger, Margie Broadhead (of the Made By Margie blog) approached Mystery to help her bring to life her dream of her own brand of deliciously nutritious dairy-free, gluten-free, guilt-free ice cream alternative that’s so healthy you can satisfy a late night ice cream craving with no gilt whatsoever.

The Mystery team was tasked with developing the brand strategy and vision for Nana, creating the name and brand identity, designing the original packaging and building a simple, yet effective and engaging website that would tell Nana’s unique story and educate customers about the product and the idea of nice ice cream.

The result is Nana Nice Cream and it’s now ready to go out there and conquer the nice cream market, one tub at a time.

Ice Cream for Breakfast, anyone?

Read all about the project here.