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Mystery Employee of the Month: Ollie Miller

Mystery Employee of the Month: Ollie Miller

Oliver (Ollie) Miller, Midweight Interior Designer

How did you get into design? I have always been obsessed with all things cars from a young age, which in turn made me want to design for the automotive industry. But I fell in love with interiors as a secondary passion once I realised it meant ‘the inside of anything’. My mother has a great eye for design, which also urged me to progress forward to university to study interior design.

What was your first design project?  My first design project was for an old employer who specialised in bar design, it was for Imperial College London to design their student bar. I made a fairly large mistake on the size of the bar, which was ordered and delivered to site…I learnt my lesson.

What is the best thing about what you do? For me it is that I have the ability to change people’s perspectives on how and what they feel when walking into any space. To make them feel, see, taste, smell and become immersed into a world that can bring out an emotion or feeling of a cherished memory. I love that my job is so varied and allows me to look forward to going into work everyday, but most of all it allows me to push boundaries in everything I do and believe in.

Ultimate design job? I have always wanted to design a museum or an amusement/theme park type venture, the scope would be incredible and no idea would be too wacky!

Favourite city? Barcelona

Favourite hotel, restaurant or bar? Lio (Ibiza Old town)

Most impressive brand? Innocent, they paved the way for lots of health conscious brands and ensured the rest upped their game.

Favourite cuisine? I like them all!...Fine, Thai then.

Favourite cake? Red Velvet

Dog or cat? Dog (Cats bring you terrible presents)

Starter or dessert? Dessert ALWAYS

Fizzy or still? Still

With or without cheese? (Burger) With cheese

Starsign? Libra

Celebrity crush/pass? Mila Kunis

Factoid no one knows about you… I once nearly drowned when I was a toddler, as I thought I could swim without any armbands…my sister pulled me out by my hair.