The SlimFast® re-branding campaign is now complete and although everyone involved may well have lost a little weight over the last months, it’s been an amazing process to be a part of!

This once multi-billion-dollar purchase by Unilever was sold to a team of Venture Capitalists, who set about engaging its own cheerleading squad of free-thinking people with the big brand experience, business and branding know-how, but the all-important ingredient of fearless entrepreneurial spirit.  A new SlimFast has emerged with a new attitude and a determination to reshape its future.

Mystery has been integral to the project; from working through years of insights and research to re-define the brand’s DNA, including the brand essence, Make it Happen, its brand values, defining the new brand statements and straplines and helping to clarify the SlimFast proposition.

In addition, to repositioning SlimFast for the 21st Century, Mystery has created an incredible new state of the art website that uses every possible way to develop an emotive connection with the brand’s advocates – the SlimFast consumers themselves.

Alongside Mystery, a team of agencies, including ShinyRed, Fearless Public Relations, Parade and HeyHuman combined to produce an amazing combination of print, broadcast and online advertising; eCRM and sophisticated database management; Social Media and an array of consumer products, tools, personalized plans, recipes and goals through an interactive website that allows each customer to feel they’re being personally and individually helped while being part of a supportive community.

Personified by the gorgeous Kimberley Walsh, the new SlimFast is sassy, can-do, accessible and reassuring. It provides inspiration, practical and emotional advice and support for everyone who wants to lose weight, for whatever reason.

And like the agencies who’ve worked on this exciting re-invigoration project, it’s refreshingly different, fearless and up for any challenge life throws at it.  The new SlimFast is determined to make it happen. And we’re proud to be part of the new SlimFast community:  #SlimFastWorksForUs!

For more information on the SlimFast rebranding project, click HERE.