Just to be clear, it is never ok to mess about with the English language. Not unless you are a qualified Creative and you’ve just discovered a brand new emotion. An emotion that has laid dormant in our genes for millennia waiting for this moment.

The moment when freshly home-baked, warm cookies nuzzle up against a scoop of delicious gourmet ice-cream forming a sandwich with the world’s shortest lifespan. Short for two reasons: 1) the ice-cream begins to melt and continues to melt at an ever increasing rate until it has disappeared in a sticky trail down your arms; and 2) the temptation to indulge is too great for any human with a pulse to resist! This moment I’m sure you’ll agree deserves a new word. We call it ‘Moojo’, which roughly translates as Moment Of Joy. It’s the name we have given to a new shop dedicated to this craft in Austin, Texas. A shop – that as you can see, with it’s swinging seats and colourful stripes – Mystery has had a great deal of moojo designing!

Moojo interior

Mystery was appointed to undertake the complete brand creation work including strategic brand positioning, naming, identity design, interior design, website and packaging.

Moojo swing seats

We invested a considerable amount of money with Mystery, but I really think it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Our customers love the store. They really respond to it. It’s becoming THE hangout spot for University of Texas students – we’re already ahead of our sales targets – it really works!
Nick Gaynor, Co-founder of Moojo

Moojo happy customer
Moojo customer service
Moojo cookie girl
Moojo ice cream sandwich

With JOY at the heart of the brand concept, it was vital that the interior scheme and graphics form a holistic brand story, so moments of joy can be experienced throughout the space, from your arrival at the door and the tasty looking stripes which guide you through your journey, to the hanging swing seats and dipped log stools. This is a playful brand on an honest mission. Materials are textured and warm with a contrasting clean white counter designed to make the product pop.

Moojo neon sign
Moojo exterior

The Mystery team supported the client in Texas, to deliver a concept that we all fell in love with. Getting under the skin of the operation and understanding the process, our head of interiors donned a Moojo T-shirt and worked serving ice cream sandwiches at a Moojo pop-up prior to the launch of the shop. Going beyond the call of duty, she even tasted the ice cream and cookies to help narrow down the selection! It’s a tough job…

Moojo little happy girl

The grand opening was a massive success with over 1,000 ice cream sandwiches consumed in the first 7 hours!

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