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Filthy Cow – The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure!

Filthy Cow - The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure!

Fast becoming a local cult amongst students and young professionals, Filthy Cow offers a lively and somewhat surprising fast-casual brand experience, full of unapologetic cheeky innuendo, proudly serving obsessively made gourmet burgers and local craft beers - creating a unique destination for genuine burger lovers and fans of bovine bordellos!

Filthy Cow Interior wall Graphics

Ever marvelled at the untapped pleasure of a juicy, plump medium rare beef patty in a freshly baked brioche bun? Ever compared those fuzzy feelings to the carnal pangs in your nether regions?

Well we have and we did. Which is why we managed to imagine a scenario so seductive, that even a chaste monk would swoon at the romance of it. A scenario where the burgers are akin to the sort of guilty pleasure the same monk wouldn't even dare fantasize about.

Working with Mystery is like stepping in to a world full of possibilities, where ideas are pure and design solutions are compelling. It's a good laugh too.
Steve Higginbottom, Founder of Filthy Cow


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