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New interior design for Adventure Bar Clapham Junction

New interior design for Adventure Bar Clapham Junction

No, you're not seeing double, but the founders of Adventure Bar are seeing triple the amount of sales since working with Mystery to design a unique refurbishment to their first bar in Clapham Junction, London.

Imagine if you will, a Victorian time traveller whose ‘Adventures Through Time’ transported him (or her) through a neon worm hole to a future in the mid 20th Century. What would this adventurer make of all their space-age surroundings?

Adventure Bar Clapham Junction Corridor
We decided give Adventure Bar customers a brand adventure of their own by deliberately offering two distinct experiences of the future as seen from the past: Victorian Steam-Punk and Mid-Century Retro...

We first worked with Mystery a couple of years back on our strategic branding & website - helping us define a unique and compelling positioning in a crowded marketplace. We're over the moon with the results of our latest collaboration on the design of CJ, having seen sales triple from the first week of re-opening.
Tom Kidd, Founder of Adventure Bar


Click here to see what the future looks like and to read the full story...

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