Mystery is very proud to unveil the culmination of our identity development programme for one of the world’s leading and most distinctive conservatoires – the Royal Academy of Music – an internationally renowned institution.

Inspired by our portfolio developing premium brands, the Royal Academy approached Mystery in 2012 to help the institution re-engage visually with its rich heritage, whilst demonstrating to a generation of budding classical virtuosos and classical music fans that the Academy had the passion, energy and innovation to lead the art form in to the future.

‘We first worked with Mystery a couple of years ago on a brochure aimed at attracting donations to a major appeal. Mystery have since helped us on many further projects, leading up to the launch in January 2015 of a completely redesigned and rebuilt website alongside a range of high-quality print and advertising materials. We have been delighted with every one of them.’
Peter Craik, Marketing and Communications Manager,
Royal Academy of Music

Our approach was to reconnect the institution with its heritage through elegant use of carefully crafted typography, and let dramatic photography and film of real life Academy performance, expressive gestural light trails and paintwork, connect with the passionate, energetic, forward-looking approach that continues to keep the Academy at the forefront of this highly competitive and fast-evolving category.

New Website Design

The centrepiece of this identity development was a complete overhaul of the Academy’s website – an essential step in a world where the way in which potential students go about their selection process moves from traditional paper based prospectuses to digital media.

Royal Academy of Music responsive website design

The brief called for an exciting and inspirational hub; a primary touchpoint which championed the history and the quality of the institution, whilst retaining a user-friendly and human sensibility.

The Royal Academy of Music has a prolific events programme (many of which are free to attend) so an emphasis on live performance and ease of browsing and booking events was essential.

In order to keep the site fresh and relevant and allow staff full control over content, Mystery worked with development partners DevStars to create a modular CMS system, which allowed key staff members the ability to configure individual elements and rearrange content across a range of page templates.

The forward-looking site also needed to encourage interaction via integrated social media channels and blog feeds.

Spring 2015 Events Diary

In tandem with the website launch a new look events diary has been created – bringing the revitalised identity to a more premium and easier to navigate termly printed publication.

Royal Academy of Music Events Brochure Design

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