Thor Drinks won’t make you better looking, smarter or funnier, but the clean, crisp and dry taste of this ground-breaking range of soft drinks means you can enjoy more than a few, and still face life’s battles in the morning!

Mystery is delighted to announce our involvement in Thor Drinks, a pioneering range of soft drinks with flavour profiles specially formulated for adults to enjoy in bars, pubs and restaurants who are looking to enhance their customer experience.

Mystery worked with the founder of Thor Drinks to strategically define the brand prior to redesigning the brand identity, the bottle packaging for the range, trade exhibition stand and advertising design.

Thor Drinks Bottle Packaging

There are four intriguing lightly carbonated flavours to choose from. With their crisp and dry notes of apple, they are truly quaffable, a welcome change from the usual childish sweet drinks available.

Thor Original fuses apple with extracts of green tea and hints of gentian – ideal as an aperitif or with white meats; Thor Fire combines ginger with a hint of chilli and apple to give it a rounded finish – perfect for red meats and barbecues; Thor Ice mixes apple and garden mint for superb freshness and a touch of peppermint for a cooling effect – served over ice and garnished with fresh mint, it’s like a non-alcoholic Mojito and a perfect compliment to Lamb chops!; Thor Thunder packs a punch with a shot of caffeine in a more complex mix of apple, passionfruit and hibiscus – for when you need a pick-me-up.

Thior Drinks Website Holding Page

With strong repeat sales already in several bars and restaurants in and around London, we are now looking to expand distribution in the UK and raise finance to develop the business. To find out more about Thor Drinks, click here.

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