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Lazybones springs to life with the Mystery Team

Commissioned with the task of re-invigorating a loss-making pub tucked out of sight in a backwater of Farringdon, Mystery leapt at the opportunity to help create a new destination bar concept! We tried our hardest to put away all notions of lazing around with a nice drink and finding a good excuse not to do anything - but luckily we couldn't, so 'Lazybones' was born!

Lazybones London bar interior design

Hidden in the cacophony of graphic street art which adorns the interior are messages and codes that only local hipsters and the obviously tipsy can decipher! Mystery tackled the low-budget refurbishment brief with a suitably lo-fi approach, raiding our archive of vintage graphics, stencilling the walls and hand-painting the existing furniture.

Lazybones wall graphics

Kicking things off with a well-lubricated team brainstorm, we developed a distinctive identity spread across the printed graphics, website, social media pages and interior design to reflect the independent spirit that underpins the concept from the choice of craft ales, imported lagers and minimal cocktails, to the delicious slow-roasted pulled pork, pulled brisket, buffalo wings and superfly hotdogs on the food menu.

Lazybones interior graphics

Lazybones interior graphic design

To find out more about how we can help create award-winning food and beverage brands, don’t hesitate to get in touch: dan@mystery.co.uk or call 020 7456 7833.