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The largest ‘super-restaurant’ in the UK…

Mystery designs 'ZA ZA BAZAAR', a new concept Banquet & Bar


Mystery is delighted to announce the launch of our latest creation, 'Za Za Bazaar' - World Banquet & Bar, an exciting new concept in fixed-price buffet dining. Spread over 30,000 square feet and with 1000 seats in the heart of Bristol's bustling Harbourside, it's muted to be the largest 'super-restaurant' in the UK!

Mystery began the process with a strategic brand positioning exercise, defining the name and design concept, inspired by the buzz of Asian night markets. We then designed everything from the interior design, the identity design, the website, advertising and launch marketing collateral.

Za Za Bazaar Islands

Za Za Bazaar Logo

Having traveled around Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore and experienced the spectacular sights, spicy smells and the intoxicating atmospheres of their street markets, we wanted to capture that essence of the exotic, the excitement and the sense of exploration and discovery at the Za Za Bazaar.

Za Za Bazaar Customers

Fronted by internationally respected chef, Nitin Bhatnagar, the global variety of cuisines on offer includes North and South Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Mexican, Texan, Portuguese, Italian and British, much of which is cooked to order by top chefs recruited from 5-star hotels around the world. With an in-house bakery, desserts to die for, a spectacular salad bar and delicious deli, there are six large 'market stalls' set within a vibrant, urban environment, decorated with neon signs, street art and festoons of lighting.

Za Za Bazaar Chef

At first, we thought that 30,000 square feet was an enormous space and our biggest design challenge would be the need to try and 'fill' it, but in the end we were struggling to fit all our ideas in! This project has been the equivalent - in terms of work load - of designing six restaurants, but with a clear vision and a strong brand concept at its heart, the momentum built so that the creativity flowed with great pace. Working with Dover Design to supply the detail construction drawings and liasing directly with the main contractor, we managed the development of the concept in to reality - opening with only a 13 week fit-out, the same amount of time as many normal size restaurants!

Za Za Bazaar Website

The launch has kicked off with a series of great reviews online and in the press, with a particular buzz of excitement on Twitter. Check out the official Za Za Bazaar website at: www.zazabazaar.com or get yourself down to Bristol to experience it for yourself. I promise there is nothing else like it!

To find out more about how we can help create award-winning food and beverage brands, don't hesitate to get in touch: dan@mystery.co.uk or 020 7456 7833.