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Mystery ‘accepts responsibility’ for a new drink-driving campaign

Drink driving always starts with an excuse'...


"It's only down the road" is the most popular excuse given for drink driving, according to a poll which launched the national anti-drink-driving campaign which Mystery is proud to have designed for Pernod Ricard UK in partnership with the Automobile Association.


Mystery were commissioned to evolve the style from a previous campaign and create a new series of poster ads and giveaways highlighting the most common excuses made by young drivers and their passengers whilst under the influence. The challenge was to avoid a 'preaching' tone which would alienate the target audience. By writing simple phrases and creating a bold playful twist with the visuals, we were able to grab their attention and encourage them to reconsider the seriousness of the message. The campaign is set to run nationally over the next few months at key sites for social drinkers.

Road Corner

For more information about the Accept Responsibility campaign go to www.acceptresponsibility.org.uk

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