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Marketing Design Awards 2009 Results

Hi there,

Great news! This is just a quick note to update you on The Marketing Design Awards 09, which as you may know Mystery was shortlisted as a finalist for - in two categories.

I went to the awards lunch last week and was squeezed on a table between some nice people from 'Landor' (an agency with offices in 25 countries) and 'Imagination' (a global agency with 12 offices). They were all very sweet to me as the owner of 'Mystery', a specialist Brand Design Agency with ten people in only one office - well they would be, as we're no threat...

...until it came time to announce the awards!

Despite their size and weight, the only agency to be recognised on our table was Mystery!

As I may have mentioned, we were delighted just to have been selected as a finalist, so we were not expecting to win anything - not when when we're up against the great and the good of the industry - so to win a 'Highly Commended' award in both categories (Identity Design for 'Giraffe' and Product Launch design for 'Masala Masala') really felt like a coup for the small guys. (Especially as the judges only awarded these where they felt it was warranted - not in every category.)

I have to say the people around my table were very supportive and cheered loudly when Mystery was called. We didn't come away with a trophy, but I was very proud of my team and we will be hanging the Commendations in the office for all to see.

Hope all is well in your world.
All the very best,