Bar & restaurant design

Founded in 1998, Mystery is a specialist Bar and Restaurant Design Agency, having helped conceive and /or develop over 30 hospitality brands to help create a broad variety of F&B concepts in different food service markets and territories around the world. We have also co-ventured a portfolio F&B businesses and even developed and launched our own restaurant bar concept in London's Covent Garden, which means we have first hand operational experience and really do understand the importance of ROI (rather than paying lip-service to it). Our aim is simple, to help define and create unique, engaging and scalable propositions.

We believe in the power of holistic design to create compelling brand environments which resonate with character.  Our in-house team of graphic & restaurant interior design specialists work closely together to create inspiring features and talking points aimed at driving brand awareness, initiating memorable interactions with your customers and giving your brand the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  Our collaborative approach also ensures that your unique brand personality is carried throughout all elements of the bar and restaurant design, to build a consistent message with your customer and ultimately strengthen your position in the food and beverage sector.